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Moving input between phases and projects.

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There are many reasons why you might want to highlight ideas and contributions from participants. For example, in a first phase of your project you have collected ideas that are now being evaluated by a jury. You could then present the winners in the next phase. Or you may want the jury to make a pre-selection that will be voted on again by citizens. Or you may simply want to highlight high quality entries.

In this article we discuss the following topics:

  • Moving or copying input from one phase to another

  • Moving or copying input to another project

Moving or copying input from one phase to another

First, create all phases in which you want to show copied ideas in your timeline. Make sure you select the "Collect input and feedback" participation method.

Once you have collected all the ideas and the Ideation phase is complete, you can copy posts from that phase to another.

To do this, go to the project you are working on in the Admin panel, press on a phase and click on the ‘Input Manager’. This window is the same in all phases.

Input manager

In the general Input Manager tab, the default view is "Timeline". This means you can filter all inputs by phase and see at a glance in which phase the input was added. The numbers below each contribution refer to the project phases. In this example the project has 4 phases. The first two posts are each in phase 2.

Note: You can both copy ideas (leave them in both phases) or move them (move them from one phase to another).

If you want to move a inputs to a next phase you can do that by clicking on the number below the input. This way you can add or remove contributions to certain project phases.

In the example here below you can see which input is added to only phase 2 or to both phase 2 and 3.

Make sure that all project phases you want to copy or move ideas to use the Ideation method (i.e. collecting input and feedback)

Move or copy ideas to another project

In your input manager in the admin panel (platform level), you can drag and drop an input onto the project you want to move the post to.

When you move a contribution to a project, you must manually specify which project phase the input should be included in. To do this, go to the project you moved the contribution to via the "Projects" tab. Assign it to the right phase by clicking below the contribution on the correct indicator of the phase - otherwise the system does not know where to put the contribution. The URL of the contribution will not be changed.

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