Enabling anonymous participation

Configure the level of anonymity and provide residents with the option to conceal their identities.

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Allowing anonymous participation can promote inclusivity, and encourage users to freely express their ideas and opinions. Admins and project managers can configure the level of anonymity and provide residents with the option to conceal their identities. In this article, we explore the functionality included in this Beta feature:

Two kinds of anonymity

  • Voluntary anonymity, which applies to ideation, commenting and proposal → by enabling it you will be giving users the option to post anonymously. If you are concerned about some residents’ ability to participate in a project due to concerns of other users knowing who they are, you may considering enabling this feature for that particular project to maximize inclusivity.

  • Mandated anonymity, which applies to in-platform surveys that require all user data to be anonymized.

Example of the conversations we anticipate the feature unlocking.

Example of the conversations we anticipate the feature unlocking.

Configurability at the Phase Level

The anonymization toggle lives under the settings for the project phase, or the proposals module. Admins and project managers have ability to configure whether a project phase allows anonymous commenting, idea submission, and proposal creation. This flexibility enables customization based on project requirements and needs.

Admins/pms can enable anonymous participation for ideation on a phase per phase basis. If the toggle is on, users will be able to choose to anonymize their contributions (ideas or comments)

By default ideation and survey project phases, as well as proposals will not have the anonymization allowed toggle on. It will be on you to decide whether you want to enable it for a particular project.

When anonymous inputs, proposals, or comments are enabled for a phase/project, users will have the choice to conceal their identities from other users and the platform admins and project moderators. This anonymity can be maintained during various interactions, such as submitting or responding to comments, sharing ideas, or proposing solutions.

Anonymous user data

When a user chooses to post/comment anonymously, their submission will not be linked to their user data. This means that neither other users, nor platform admins will be able to link the user contribution to the user profile.

Content moderation

Regardless of whether authors choose to post anonymously or not, platform admins and project moderators will have the ability to moderate all content, including posts, comments, and proposals. The platform is equipped with profanity blockers and detectors for inappropriate content, which operate independently of the anonymization settings for a project. This ensures that content moderation remains consistent and effective, maintaining a safe and respectful environment for all participants.

Any time a resident choose to post anonymously when allowed for that phase, this message will be prompted.

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