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Embedding Konveio PDF Documents for Collecting Feedback
Embedding Konveio PDF Documents for Collecting Feedback

Let stakeholder and users leave comments directly in embedded PDFs

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As part of our commitment to enhancing your consultation toolbox, we are excited to offer the addition of a document annotation method to the range of methodologies for consultation and feedback gathering that we already support.

Through our partnership and integration with Konveio, you can embed interactive PDF documents onto your project phases and invite your stakeholders and users to leave comments directly within the embedded PDF.

How to Embed Konveio PDF Documents in Projects

Embedding Konveio PDF documents in your projects is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to enable your users to provide feedback on PDFs seamlessly. To learn more about Konveio’s commenting settings and how to select them for a seamless experience on CitizenLab:

  1. Obtain the Konveio PDF embed code: In your Konveio account, upload and locate the PDF document you want to embed and generate the embed code provided by Konveio. This is a custom, extra feature: to access the Konveio Account, please reach out to your Government Success representative.

2. Access your engagement platform. Navigate to the phase settings, and from the list select “Collect feedback on a document” method

3. Paste the embed code: Paste the embed code in the designated area. You will need to edit this link slightly by deleting the first part of the link that includes the text <iframe = ... src=“ and deleting the last part of the link (starting from " frameborder=)

4. Access rights: Navigate to the ‘Access Rights’ tab and configure the participation requirements for that phase.

5. Preview and test: Save the changes and preview the embedded document. Ensure that the Konveio PDF is displayed correctly and that all interactive and collaborative features are functioning as intended.

6. Head over to your Konveio space to access a summary of the feedback received and download the raw participation data.

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