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Following projects, ideas, areas or tags
Following projects, ideas, areas or tags

Keep visitors in the loop by giving them the option to follow some key elements.

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To make it easer for visitors of your platform to follow along, they have the option to follow some key elements to stay in the loop. When they follow them, important updates will be sent to them. Users can manage all the items they follow from their user profile at all times, as well as by unfollowing them from the item’s page.

Visitors are triggered to leave their email and confirm it to start following. This keeps the barrier low but gives them a simple way to receive updates.

Which communication will this trigger?

Users will receive updates on projects, ideas, proposals, area’s and tag:

  • Project: when the project enters a new phase (if the new phase email is enabled. You can enable this on the whole platform or enable it in the settings of any phase)

  • Idea & Proposal: when the idea receives a new update or status change. We don’t notify users for every comment, this only happens when you actively engage in the conversation.

  • Area & tag: when a new project is launched in an area or tag of your interest.


As soon as a user engages with a project, idea or proposal, they automatically become a follower.

Smart Groups

You can create smart groups with the ‘Followed by’ attribute. This allows you to send out manual campaigns to all followers.

Capture user interest during onboarding

You can request users to share their interests during the onboarding. Go to Settings → Registration and enable this to make sure users can start following area’s and tags during onboarding. This helps a lot if you want to launch a new project by tapping into an existing audience.

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