Use Citizenlab Data in PowerBI

How to use the PowerBI templates to access Citizenlab Data in your PowerBI Workspace

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The PowerBI templates can be used to access any engagement data in your PowerBI Workspace. To do this we offer two templates to get you started. The templates use our Rest API to access the data from your platform.

Access to this feature depends on your plan.

How to download the templates?

Go to the tools page in the backoffice. Click on "Download templates" to review the two templates.

Power BI templates

Note: To use either of these Power BI templates, you must first create a set of credentials for our public API.

Report template (.pbit file)

This template will create a Power BI report based on your CitizenLab data. It will set up all the data connections to your CitizenLab platform, create the data model and some default dashboards.

When you open the template in Power BI you will be prompted to enter your public API credentials.

Dataflow template (.json file)

If you intend to use your CitizenLab data within a Power BI data flow, this template will allow you to set up a new data flow that connects to your CitizenLab data.

Once you have downloaded this template you must first find and replace the following strings ##CLIENT_ID## and ##CLIENT_SECRET## in the template with your public API credentials before uploading to PowerBI.

How to create credentials for the Public API?

Go back to the tools page in the backoffice and click "Manage API Keys".

This will open the page where you can manage and create new tokens. A token consists of an ID and a secret. The secret will only be shown once so make sure to copy it and store it somewhere safe.

Want to use the API for other purposes? You can find all documentation here. Be aware that the API is focussed on reading data from the platform, we currently don't support any write/delete operations.

Access to the Public API and the PowerBI templates is only available for Premium customers.

Need more help or support? Contact our Support Team via the chat bubble. 💬

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