To have the best possible experience on desktop and mobile we recommend to take these recommended dimensions into account. 

  • Banner image on homepage: 1440 x 480
  • Banner image for a project: 1440 x 500
  • Project image: square image (e.g. 800 x 800)
  • Idea image: 900 x 400

Important notes

File format

Images should be png or jpg.

Image sizes

Image size can not exceed 5MB. 

Banner Images

Please take into account that these images will always have to scale because they have a flexible width (100% of the screen size) and a fixed height. So they will have a different aspect ratio on a small screen compared to a large screen. Therefore, if you want to communicate meaningful content in the image, it should be centered and with enough padding around it so that is stays visible on all screen sizes.

Project Card Image

In order to make sure that your content appears well on all type devices and due to the current layout, we strongly advice to use pictures where the relevant content is centred on the picture. You should for instance, make sure that your photo doesn't contain faces too close from the top and the bottom of it.

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