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How the CitizenLab Support Team can help you
How the CitizenLab Support Team can help you
What questions do we answer? What are Support Tasks and how long does it take to take them up? What if your question is a request?
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Platforms admins and project managers can contact our Support team for help, to report bugs and issues and for certain tasks on the platform. To turn your question into a support ticket you are prompted to contact the Support Team through (in order of importance):

  1. Chat bubble - built-in admin panel - clients are advised to contact us primarily via the chat bubble on the platform.

  2. E-mail - - E-mails sent to this e-mail address get into the same ticket flow as the chat bubble chats

Only in very urgent cases - you don't receive a first response in 48 hours - you can telephone (see CitizenLab Website) the Support Team.

What technical questions are answered by the Support Team?

Our Support Team is helped by an intelligent chat bot. This means your question can be categorised and your answer is found easier. So to be helped quickly, try to be as specific as possible, using key words and terminology used in the platform. If the chatbot is unable to help you, one of the members of our Support Team will jump in to help you or direct you to the right support article here in our Support Base.

What if your question is more than just a question?

You might have a technical question for the Support Team that can not easily be answered or it's a problem that needs some time to investigate or solve. Here's what you can contact us for and how we threat them:

Reporting a Bug

When you report a bug - something doesn't function properly - the Support Team will escalate the issue immediately to our development team and make sure to update you about the progress of the solution.

Raising an Issue

Sometimes things don't block you, but don't fully work as expected, so they can be improved. Those issues are logged by the Support team taken up by the product team. We don't give you a due date when this will be taken up but we'll inform you when it has been taken up.

Asking a Request

When your question is not a question, but a request for something that is not yet built-in the platform, the Support Team will prompt you to post the request on the client-only Community Platform, where your request will be followed-up.

Asking to perform a Support Task

Some things you want to do on the platform are not (yet) possible to do yourself as an admin because of privacy concerns, because it involves third party tools (Typeform, Google, ...) or because it still requires development skills. For these tasks you can count on our Support and Development team.

Here's the list of Support Tasks asks the Support Team can perform for you + the time we need to take up the task*.

Title of Support Task

Time to take up

More info

Providing access to Typeform

1 Business Day

Duplicating project(s)

Max. 2 Business Days

Send the link of the project and we will do it for you.

Deleting a group of users

Max. 2 Business Days

Send an overview of the user that need to be deleted.

Deleting a language

Max. 2 Business Days

If you have multiple languages, you can only delete a language if all content is deleted in that particular language. We can help you out!

Setting up a default DNS for custom domain

Max. 2 Business Days

Detailed support article
The preferred way to set-up a custom url

Adding Google Tracking ID's

Max. 2 Business Days

Renewing a https certificate

Max. 7 Business Days

Some internet providers ask to do that yearly

Adding a tool to Google Tag Manager

Max. 5 Business Days

If you want to use other tools to track traffic then Google Analytics.

Bulk importing ideas

Max. 5 Business Days

Bulk importing official feedback

Max. 5 Business Days

Bulk importing custom registration fields

Max. 5 Business Days
Premium Clients only

If you want a dropdown menu with

Changing the default assignee for Proposals

Max. 5 Business Days

The first admin of your platform is assigned by default.

Changing the favicon

Max. 2 Business Days

Simply go to

Creating manual user groups based on participation in embedded surveys

Max. 5 Business Days

Configuring custom font

Max. 5 Business Days
Premium Clients Only

Configuring an authentication/verification method

Max. 7 Business Days
Premium Clients only

Configuring maps

Max. 2 Business Days

Adding social feeds on the homepage

Max. 7 Business Days
Premium Clients only

If you want to show the feeds of your social media on the bottom of your homepage.

*The time to take up a task will start when we have all the information and data we need and formatted in the right way. If, for instance, the template to import a bulk of offline ideas is not filled in correctly, we need to send it back. When the template is correct and we can proceed, the 'time to take up' will start.

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