• Report ideas as Spam

When registering on the platform, a user agrees to the platform's Terms and Conditions. Therefore, if these Terms of Use are not complied with when participating in the platform.

Also non-admin single registered users can report an idea of another user as Spam, by clicking on the three dots next to the idea description.

Every administrator of the platform gets notified by this, with an e-mail and the reporting also appears in the list of notifications behind the alarm bell in the top right corner.

The idea stays visible on the platform until the administrator takes action: delete the idea or maybe comment on it and ask for additional information to the user.

  • Delete an idea

As an admin you can delete ideas. A user does not get a message if an idea is deleted. When you delete an idea, it is best to notify the author via e-mail.

  • Delete comments on ideas

As an admin you can delete comments. An email will be sent out when a comment is deleted. So the user will receive an email notifying him that his comment has been deleted + the reason given by the admin when deleting the comment (e.g. "inappropriate"). The name of the specific admin is not shown.

  • Make ideas invisible to other users

If you want to keep an idea visible in the backend but not to other users, simply uncheck it from the timeline phase. The idea will not be shown in the frontend anymore. This is only possible in ideation projects with a timeline.

  • Customize our profanity filter

The platform also has a profanity filter you could customize. Read all about our profanity filter in this support article.

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