Creating custom pages on the platform

Use rich information sections to tell stories better and get higher engagement from your community.

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As an admins you can create custom pages to present your organization to guide your community and help them participate in stories. With rich information sections, you can tell your stories better and get higher engagement from your community.

To create custom pages, visit the ‘Pages & Menu’ section on the admin panel.

Please click on the ‘Create Custom Pages’ to start the creation process.

Firstly you will need to give the page a title. The second title will appear in the navigation bar.

Then you can provide a page URL This will appear as part of the URL link ([page URL]; you can check how it would appear under ‘Resulting URL’.

After creating the page, you will arrive at the ‘Page content’ sections. Each information section listed below can be turned on/off and edited.

For example, if you turn off the top info section, that part of the page will no longer be shown.

You can also edit what appears under each information section by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button.

Under the Hero banner, you can customize the top banner image of the page. For more information about how to customize the banner image, please visit this article.

Under the Top info and Bottom info section - you will be able to provide rich content, including formatted texts, images, videos, buttons, or links.

You can add attachments to the page under ‘Attachments’.

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