Using ESRI ArcGIS Feature layers and Basemaps
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When using the participation method 'Collect input and feedback' in a project you can choose between 'list view' and 'map view'. When using 'map view' users can pin an idea on a map or add a location (an address or coordinates) to the input form. All the input that you collect will be shown on a map.

By default, the maps on the platform use a simple and clear style, derived from Open Street Map.

If you have access to the Esri add-on you can configure the map and show richer information on the map by importing Esri feature layers or Esri Web maps.

Enable Esri on your platform

After purchasing the Esri add-on, click on "Tools" in the admin panel in the navigation column on the left and click on "Enable Esri".

Paste your Esri API key and click "Save key". In this article from Esri you can learn how to get your API key.

Difference between Feature layers and Web map

When the add-on is active, two buttons will appear on the back-office map configurations: ‘Import Esri Feature Layer’ and ‘Import Esri Web Map’.

Once an Esri Feature Layer or Web Map has been added, the ‘Import GeoJSON file’ button will be deactivated. It is not possible to mix Esri and non-Esri elements on a map.

Esri Web Map

An Esri web map is a fully featured map created on ArcGIS Online. E.g it may consist of a base map + various map layers (e.g. Esri Feature Layers). Only one Esri Web Map can be added per map on our platform.

Esri Feature Layer

An Esri Feature Layer is a single layer that can be added to a map. Multiple Esri Feature Layers can be added to our maps, and Feature Layers can also be added over an Esri Web Map.

Esri feature layers

To add a feature layer, click on "Import Esri Feature Layer". Then go to your feature layer in Esri and scroll down to the 'URL' and copy it. Paste it in the back-end of your project and click on 'Import'.

The legend of the feature layer will be autogenerated and can be hidden by clicking on the button next to the legend.

Esri Web maps

To add an Esri web map, click on "Import Esri Web map". Then go to your web map in Esri and scroll down to 'Details'. There you can copy the 'ID'. Paste it in the back-end of your project and click on 'Import'.

‘Location answer’ survey question

When using the question type 'Location answer' in an in-platform survey you can use the same settings as described above. When editing the survey question type 'location answer' click on 'Configure map' on the bottom of the right column.

In the pop-up you can add feature layers or a web map.

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