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Linking the platform with your website via our interactive widget + 📹
Linking the platform with your website via our interactive widget + 📹

There are different ways to link your website with the platform. The most effective is through an interactive widget.

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Your own website is still a very important first digital point of contact for citizens with your organisation. It is the business card of your organisation or city / municipality. It is the best place to guide your target audience to your participation platform.

However, we are aware that every website is different. Depending on how your website is structured, we therefore offer various options:

  • An interactive widget

  • A clickable, formatted image

  • A clickable icon

Interactive widget

What? A widget creates an interactive link from your website to the participation platform. It is a designed frame that automatically shows a number of ideas, with a clear call-to-action (button).

How does it work? You go to the admin side of your platform and then to the 'Widgets' tab under 'Settings'.

Everything about the widget is customisable.

The selection of ideas

You can choose to show the most recent ideas, the most popular ones, ... You can also select a project or tag (eg "sports"). The latter allows you to put a particular project in the spotlight, or to place the widget on the web page of a certain service and therefore only show ideas related to this service (via tag).

The copy

The title, subtitle and copy in the button can be adjusted. Make them as engaging and specific as possible. People need to feel activated to actually go to the platform.

The call-to-action

You can select a specific link to the platform. By default, the call-to-action links to the landing page, but you can also link to a specific project on the platform.

The font, font size and colors

To make it gently fit into your website.

The dimensions

So you can decide how much space the widget is allowed to take on your website.

Right, at 'Preview', you can see how the widget will look on your website.

Ready? Then you get a unique piece of HTML code that you, or your web builder, can install in the right place in your website. This looks like this:

Multiple widgets

Do you need multiple widgets? For example, a unique widget per project, to place on specific pages of your website? This is possible. Just adjust the different fields of the widget, and you will get a new piece of code.

And you can repeat this indefinitely. The previously created widgets will not be affected.


Your website is under pressure. Everyone wants to have their 'link' placed on it. This may result in space for a link to the platform being too limited to use a widget. For this, we also have some creative solutions:

A clickable icon

Your website undoubtedly has them: icons that link to your social media channels. Here you could add an icon that links to the participation platform. You can use the CitizenLab logo for this, or a neutral alternative such as an idea icon. The icon itself can then be linked to the landing page or a specific page on your platform.

Both options for the icon can be found as an example below:

A clickable, formatted image

It is also possible that your website has a more visual approach. Or maybe you show one or more banners on the landing page? Then the most suitable option could be to use an attractive image. This is often a picture, on or under which some copy is placed. Here, too, you can link this image to the platform via a hyperlink.

A simple link

Of course you can also just apply the hyperlink on a piece of text on the website. This can be done, for example, on the title of an article in your news overview.

As you can see, there are different options. Make sure to always start from what the design and actual use of your website allow to pick the best option. But also take your goal into account. An interactive widget will draw more people to your participation platform than a hyperlink in a piece of text.

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