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Augment your digital engagement strategy with online and offline events

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A great engagement strategy often shifts between different types of participation - blending offline, online and digital engagement. Whether it's a public meeting at City Hall, or an online videoconferencing workshop, you can also use your platform to display and publicize both past and upcoming events.

For each project that you've created, you can easily add events. Just go to the 'Events' tab from the project page.

Displaying events

  1. The events from all of your projects are compiled into a single Events Page:

    This Events Page can be viewed by:

    • adding /events to the end of your platform's web address

    • by adding this Events Page to your navigation bar.

    You can enable this setting in your admin interface: "Pages & menu" > "Add to navbar" next to "Events".

2. When you've added an event to your project, it displays by default at the bottom of the project page. Phase-relevant events will also display within the phase description.

3. You can also display three upcoming events on your homepage using our Events Widget, which is available on our Standard and Premium plans.

Similar to the Events Page, the widget can also be enabled in your admin interface: "Pages & Menu" > "Edit" next to "Home" > switch toggle next to "Events".

Attendee Management and Communication:

In addition to having users sign up for your events, you will be able to email them directly without leaving the platform, whether it is to share with them materials and context in preparation for the event, or to follow up after it with additional engagement opportunities. You will be able to do this by:

  • Creating a smart group of the attendees and using our messaging tool to email them.

Attendees will receive both an event sign up confirmation email, as well as a reminder 24 hours before the event starts.

Do you have further questions or need help? Contact our Support Team via the chat bubble. 💬

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