Go to the Invitations section in the Admin panel

Here you have two options: 

  • Import a long list of email addresses: use the example file and upload it

The file must contain a column named ‘email’ with the email addresses you want to invite.

Optionally the file can contain the following column names to configure extra invitation options for each email address:
‘first_name’, ‘last_name’, ‘groups’, ‘language’ and ‘admin’. See the example file for a reference example of how to use these columns.

  • Manually enter email addresses: just add one or various email address(es) but make sure they are separated by a comma (",")

For example:

After the invitations are succesfully sent out, the users will get an email saying that they are invited to the platform. They will be asked to complete their profile (name, surname and pasword) and will then enter the platform. 

* Give the person(s) you invite admin- or project manager-rights and/or put them immediately in a specific group:

You can manually define the invitation options by clicking on ‘Invitation options’. 

A panel will appear that lets you configure the invitation options for the entire batch of email addresses you’re about to invite:

Please note that in the case that the invitation options are also defined in the Excel file you upload, these will be used instead.

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