You want to invite people on the platform, but you only have their postal address, surname and first name and not their e-mail addresses. That's possible. 

By means of a letter, folder or postcard, you can provide them with a unique code, with which they can log on to the platform. This gives them direct access to the projects you want them to participate in. 

This is how it works:

  1. Fill in the xlsx template that you will find under 'Invitations'.  In the appropriate columns, enter your surname and first name, and optionally* the name of the group you have created. Leave the e-mail field empty. 🤷♀ If you don't have any (first) names either, let us know how many invitations you need. We will then generate the desired number of unique codes for you. 
  2. Import the xlsx list of invitations.  
  3. At 'Invitations' you will now see a series of empty invitations appear. You can 'Download' these via the download button and you will be given an excel list of all invitations. In this Excel list you will find a series of unique codes in the column (style: HfCd246). 
  4. These codes can be transferred to the invitations you send by post. 
  5. In the invitation you also give the web address where people can enter this unique code. This is your domain followed by /invite (e.g.
  6. When logging in, the unique invitation code must now be entered. By doing this, these users are automatically added to the group you have added to your excel file (see 1 and 2).


If you want to add all the invited people to a specific group, enter the group name in the xlsx template in the appropriate column. Make sure that the group has already been created. You can only invite users in a manual group, not in a Smart group. 

Image: example of what you can put on your letter or postcard. 

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